Welcome to the first edition of Belgrade Ballet Competition

When dancers are exposed to the proper environment and exert proper amounts of effort and make good choices, this feeling gives them the benefits that competitive dance does. There are many benefits of doing ballet and dance competition. The first and most important reason is experience, since competitions are giving an opportunity for the young professionals to put themself out on stage in a high-stakes environment. The dancers get to hear personalized thoughts, opinions and expertise of industry professionals from dance competitions.

The competition will also give the finest possibility for the dancers to learn, grow and get scholarships or engagements. These gatherings are also fantastic way for dancers to show off the routine that they have been working so hard on, and also get to watch other amazing performances from other great dancers. Finally, competitions are great attraction for local and international audience and media, as well as for youngest talents.

The Belgrade Ballet Competition will be an annual event, lasting 4 days, and providing the highest professional experience, from venue and organization, to the number of master classes. The international jury will consist of five worldwide known ballet stars, while the special committee will be composed of current directors of ballet schools and companies from around the globe.

Aja Jung, president of the National Dance Foundation
Jovan Veselinovic, director of the Belgrade Ballet Competition